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It's 100 years since nuclear warjeads totalled the Earth, 40 years since the militant survivors crawled from their underground bunkers to struggle against dthe mutated Evoleved for control of the suface. With a victory for either side seeming doubtful, many people from both side fled the conflict 40 years ago and have spent the time regrouping, licking their wounds, and planning for the next assault.
Now the New Survivors pour out of the ground, trying to tetade the surface. The 'further Evolever' ride mutant beasts  to defend the surface once again. But now there 's a whole new factor no-one' accounted for. From a line of dust on the horizon, the  Series 9 robotic army, revenge in their crazed visors, storm across the land killing anything they can find . The War of the Three Armiex is getting underway.Pretty scary huh?