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Evolved:  Clan Hall  Cost: 1500*  Tech Level: 0Before you do anything you must build the Clan hall. Its the commeder of this game. with out Clan Hall you can't build any building. With up grade your Clan hall you can get following item:                                                          Tech level:                                                           Item:
0                       Construct of other building.1                       Basic rder - show you the map of the place you have been, Heal Tent.2                       Standard radar - shows every thing nearby ,Skeletal Wall.
3                       Avanced radar - doubles odoubles effective radar, Big Pig.
4                       Thunder Fence
5                       Pig Pen, Altar of the Scourge

  Warrior Hall Cost: 400 Tech Level
The barracks of Evolved it makes troop units.With up grade this building you will get more units:
Tech level                                  Item
0                                            Berzerker, mekanik
1                                            Rioter
2                                            Pyromaniac
3                                            Homing Bazookoid
4                                            Martyr
5                                            Spirit Archer

  Beast Enclosure Cost: 800  Tech level: 0
This building allow you build mobile units.with up grade you may get follow units:
Tech level:                       Item:
0                              Dire Wolf, Pit scorpion, Movile Derrick.
1                              Crinoid Small Base (Bear) and speed constructibles
2                              War Mastodon, Bull Ant Tanker Armor and Radar Jam faster.
3                              Death Hippo Medium constructible Base  (cholopod).
4                              Missile Crab, Floater self-destruct constructible
5                              Mega Beetle, Mobile Clan Hall, Pteranodon,Wasp Bomber Large Base,Self-repair.

  Forge Cost:500  Tech level:0
This is a weapon shop. With up grade you will get more turrets and Tower.
Tech level:                         Item:
0                           No immediate benefit
1                           Kneecapper
2                           The Worm Small Armored Personnel Carrier turret for comstructibles
3                           Bassoka Battery Radar Turret for constructibles
4                           Touch of Death Plasma,Repair and anti-Aircraft turrets for constructibles
5                           Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Generator,sonic boom,LTA.

  Power plant  cost:2000  Tech Level:0
The plant iscrease resource by oil.with each power plant you can transport the oil.

Derrick   Cost:1000 Tech level: 0
The derrick give power plant oil. It transform from the mobile derrick

  Alchemy Hall   Cost:700 Tech Level:0
The senice lab, it upgrade buildings.

  Healing Teant cost: 500 Techlevel:1
The repair the mobile unit.

  Skeletal Wall  Cost: 150 Techlevel: 2
The wall stop enemies advacing.

  Big Pig Cost: 1000 Tech level: 3
Small power plant.

  Thunder Fence  Cost: 500 Techlevel: 4
A energy wall.

  Big Pen  Cost: 2000 Techlevel: 5
A high-level power plant.

  Kneecapper  Cost: 800 Techlevel:1
A defensive tower.

  The worm  Cost: 1200 Techlevel:2
Launches every vehicles/Animals in the area.

  Bazzooka Battery  Cost:2500 Techlevel:3
The tower agaenst aerial units.

Touch of Death  Cost: 3500 Techlevel:4
Damage vehicles/animals all-around.

Altar of the Scourge Cost:1500 Tech level:5
A Altar.